How To Go About Changing Grout Color Without Removing The Old Grout using Grout Shield

Perhaps you moved into a home that has tile on the floors or in the shower that has grout the color of mud. Maybe you chose the tile and grout for your home and are wondering what happened to that lovely light beige grout color you started out with. Either way, it is a large undertaking to remove and replace all the grout between tiles to get a new color or your old color back. You can avoid having to remove the grout at all by changing grout color by simply cleaning and sealing the existing grout.

The grout used with floor tiles is a porous material. Unfortunately this means that every time something is spilled or dirty mop water is passed over the tiles it gets absorbed into the grout. It doesn't take long before the grout lines are grungy and dark. By doing some easy cleaning of the grout first, then applying the best grout color sealer you can have grout that looks like new again. Since the grout sealer can be made in any color you need to match existing grout or simply to give you the shade you want, you are changing grout color when you apply the sealer. The sealer will be ready to be walked on within just a few minutes and completely cured in forty eight hours. If spills happen in the future, a simple touch up will get it back to the clean, new look in no time.

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