Selling your home? How to spruce up your home without paying too much

Dirty grout sends a bad message to the unconscious mind of a prospective home buyer!


When selling your home you don’t necessarily want to spend too much on repairs and remodeling. Ideally, when selling your house you want to make it look as pristine as possible. Unfortunately, no matter how much you clean those busy areas in your home, constant traffic causes grout discoloration making tile floors and walls look dirty and stained. When your grout or tile reaches this dingy point revitalizing your tile area does not have to be an expensive fix.

Dirty grout sends a bad message to the unconscious mind of a prospective home buyer!

 Remember this ...

A good Realtor will do his best to get a buyer to visualize himself and his family actually living in the home!

When selling your your home it is important to remember how a prospective buyer will view your home. More than likely if they see dirty grout and unsealed floors, laundry rooms, and bathroom floors and tub enclosures at some point the image of their children, and grandchildren walking on those floors barefoot, using the bathroom, and using other areas that make use of tile, stone and grout.


It might not be the first thing they think of, but, if they think of it at all ...

it could mean the difference between a sale or your house being on the market for months to come!



The good news is ... cleaning, coloring and sealing your tile surfaces is relatively affordable, easy to do, and requires nothing in the way of specialized tools! Don't let dirty grout stand between you and the sale of your home!


Grout Shield Color Seal products are designed to produce quick professional results with superior durability. With just one kit, you can restore any tile floor or wall back to a clean, uniform look with easier maintenance and greater stain resistance.
Grout Shields is recognized internationally by DIY Network, Home Shopping Network and top rated international blogs. Their product is superior to any other and comes in array of colors. If you are selling your home and want a quick, affordable way to spruce up your tile surfaces look no further.








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