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    -I was not sure this product would do what it says it will do, DOES IT EVER! My ugly grout looks brand new. It looks so good, I keep looking at it in amazement. I have lived with my ugly grout for 3 years. I can not remember ever being so impressed with a product. This stuff does EXACTLY what they say it will do. For less than thirty dollars and a few hours of simple work I have beautiful floors. Thank you to the inventor of this simple solution. I am not a review writer, however I had to give some love to this stuff. WELL DONE. - Everhart, Fl 3/2/14


    -Grout Shield Grout Cleaner, Color Seal and Restoration Kit - Although its tough at 62 to get down on your hands and knees for several hours , I knew that when I ordered it. Follow the directions and it works perfectly. The color matched the existing grout. Floor looks brand new !!!! - Larry, GA  6/22/14


    -This is the third time I've purchased this item. The first was to do a bathroom shower enclosure in our older home, to get it ready to put on the market. The results: outstanding! It made a 30 year old tile job look absolutely brand new!We recently moved to a brand new home and saw how quickly the grout starts to get 'dirty' on a new grout bathroom floor (that wasn't sealed), so I purchased the second batch to seal the grout from new: perfection! ...so then I bought it a third time to do our Master Bathroom floor...totally awesome!I would highly recommend this great product. - Bartru, DE  7/10/14



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