72 Year Old Customer Testimonial

Before & After pictures Before & After pictures

Customer After

I’m sending B4 and after pics of my office.  I am doing my entire house, so this is just step 1 but I’m thrilled.

Just a footnote – I’m a 72 year old woman and I am doing this all by myself.   This is quite an endeavor, but so much more rewarding than my  past attempts of  making my tile look better.  Figured I had to get this done now, before I’m too old to tackle the job.
Since moving in,  I’ve tried scrubbing with strong cleaners,  steam cleaning with a wire brush, and  bleaching with oxygen bleach.   I don’t know why anyone would use gray grout with  cream color tiles,  but I’m finally happy with the appearance of my tile floors.
Thanks, Grout Shield
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