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  • Brightening Your Tile With New Grout Paint

    If your household tile grout is discolored, stained and unsightly, you may be wondering about how you can restore its beauty and make your tile look great again. Grout Shield color sealer is One of the best things that you can do if you want to save time and effort is to invest in grout paint that can transform your old grout to a new, fresh look.

    Although your first instinct may be to buy bright white grout paint to create a new grout gleam, you may actually be able to create a more decorative and natural look if you choose a grout paint that is a bit darker in shade. A grey or off-white grout color often adds a bit of an accent to the tile without the harsh contrast that can come from the harsh white paint. Grout Shield come with an easy application process but you can Decide which is most effective for your needs in terms of application and coverage so that you can get the best possible results out of the process.

    Contact Grout Shield to see their available product selection.

  • Grout Shield Kits Will Have Your Floor Looking Like New

    Ceramic tile has been all the rage for the last few years. It has been installed in millions of homes. Homeowners love it because it is so easy to care for. Unfortunately not too many of these homeowners were taught how to take care of it. They were not told that it would last longer and look better longer if they used one of the grout shield kits to seal it. They were not even taught that they needed to clean their floors with a PH neutral/soapless cleaner, and they needed to change their mop water anytime that it began to look dirty. Because of this lack of knowledge the grout lines of their floors have become dirty or discolored.
    When the homeowners look at their floors, they know that no matter how much cleaning and scrubbing they do, their floors will never look as new as they did when they first went in. This is not true. It is not too late to use grout shield kits to restore the grout lines in the floor. The kits can make the floors look new again. The kits can be matched to any standard color and can even be created in custom colors to meet the homeowners needs. Do not live with floors you no longer love, when it is easy to restore and protect them. For more information, call us today!

  • Benefits Of Grout Color For Wood Tile

    On new installations for wood tile darker grout usually dries lighter using Grout Shield color seal will make the grout uniformed and one color also, Over time the grout on your wood tile can become discolored and stained. To fix this problem you can get grout color for wood tile.

    The sealer put into the grout will make sure that the color of your grout is very consistent. It will also help protect the grout from dirt, drinks, food, and any other stains that you might normally get. Once you get grout color for wood tile your floor can look brand new again, and you will enjoy it much more. When the grout becomes stained it is impossible to get it clean yourself, and looking like normal again. It does not matter if the installation of your wood tiles is very old or band new, you can benefit from this service. Getting grout color services can also save you time and money, as you will have to spend time cleaning the grout or purchasing products to clean it that will not work very well. Anyone can easily apply this sealant to their floor. Instructions will be provided to you on how to do it properly. There are also a wide variety of color sealers to make sure you can match up the current color that you have.

    For more information, contact a company like Grout Shield that specializes in sealing, staining, and coloring grout.

  • Preserving Your Rooms With Grout Color Sealer

    When you finish a bathroom, a floor or any other kind of tile, chances are you will use grout and will want to seal the pieces in place. The way for you to do this is through the aid of a grout color sealer Like Grout Shield, because when you apply grout, it can throw the entire look of your tile pieces off if the grout becomes discolored. Most grout that you use will have a white, gray, pearl or off white type of color. When you need to retain this color and prevent it from looking dull or dingy, you can do this through the use of a grout color sealer. The contractors that provide this work will most likely apply a grout color sealer at some point, so that you don’t have to worry about the material losing its color or its brilliance.

    No matter what color grout you use, you will be able to retain it when you use a high quality material. These color sealers will give you an advantage that will cut down on some of the work that you will have to do throughout the years in order to preserve your grout. For this help, make sure that you purchase products that will be helpful.

  • A great 5 star review for Grout Shields

    Thanks to Unique Vanities for a recent 5 STAR review for Grout Shields products.


    To read the full article and review click the link below:

    For today’s “best of,” we look at the topic of cleaning the grout in your tile (whether that be in the bathroom, kitchen, or wherever.) It’s a job we have yet to find that anyone really “enjoys” doing around the house. So when we started chatting with Michael Stracuzza, founder of the product “Grout Shield,” we were definitely intrigued. Since we’ve never tried the product ourselves, we asked Michael for his “elevator pitch,” and then took to the web ourselves to find some real life reviews.


  • How To Go About Changing Grout Color Without Removing The Old Grout using Grout Shield

    Perhaps you moved into a home that has tile on the floors or in the shower that has grout the color of mud. Maybe you chose the tile and grout for your home and are wondering what happened to that lovely light beige grout color you started out with. Either way, it is a large undertaking to remove and replace all the grout between tiles to get a new color or your old color back. You can avoid having to remove the grout at all by changing grout color by simply cleaning and sealing the existing grout.

    The grout used with floor tiles is a porous material. Unfortunately this means that every time something is spilled or dirty mop water is passed over the tiles it gets absorbed into the grout. It doesn't take long before the grout lines are grungy and dark. By doing some easy cleaning of the grout first, then applying the best grout color sealer you can have grout that looks like new again. Since the grout sealer can be made in any color you need to match existing grout or simply to give you the shade you want, you are changing grout color when you apply the sealer. The sealer will be ready to be walked on within just a few minutes and completely cured in forty eight hours. If spills happen in the future, a simple touch up will get it back to the clean, new look in no time.

  • A Grout Shield Restoration Kit Can Help You Make Your Bathroom Grout Look Like New With Little Work

    If the grout in your bathroom is becoming old and discolored, then you may think that your only option is to have the grout completely replaced. This would be very expensive to have professionally done, and re-grouting it yourself would take many hours and lots of careful practice. A grout shield restoration kit can allow you to leave your existing grout in place while making it look like new grout. You can restore your grout to bright white even when it has turned an unsightly grey color.

    A grout shield restoration kit is very affordable, and one kit can be used on all of the grout in your bathroom with some left to spare. You can use the kit to return once-white grout to its original bright white color, even if it has years of discoloration. You can also purchase a kit in a new color to turn your grout into a color that complements your bathroom tile even more than your existing grout. When you apply this product properly, it can be used to color and seal your grout to keep the color in place. You should always be sure to clean your grout and the areas surrounding it carefully first to get the best results from the grout shield restoration kit.


  • Grout Shield Kits Make Your Tile Look New

    Tile makes a great floor covering. Tile is durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t show wear like wood or carpet. However, sometimes in high traffic areas, you may notice that your tile grout has become discolored. Small specks of dirt become embedded in the grout, causing it to darken over time. Using grout shield kits is a great way to preserve and protect your tile grout.

    Grout shield kits allow you to change the color of your existing grout while protecting it with a sealer. You can go from a light colored grout to dark color. You can even change black grout to white using grout shield kits. No more scraping and sanding to remove old grout. The high quality grout sealer ensures that your grout will maintain the new color, even in high traffic areas. If you have new tile grout, you can use a clear sealer to protect it and keep it looking new. If you like the color of your existing grout, you can use an enhancing sealer that will bring out the original color tones and make your grout look new again.

    Grout shield kits are not just for tile floors, either. You can use grout shield to protect grout on countertops, back-splashes, and bathtub and shower surrounds. Protecting your tile grout will make your tile look new and enhance the beauty of your home.

  • How Applying The Products By Grout Shield Can Make Your Home A Show Place.

    In the kitchen and the bathroom clean, sealed grout is a must!!!

    That is why the tiles on the walls and floor must be presentable every day, or they will make the entire house miserable. The kitchen and the bathroom are the most important rooms in the house, because everyone in the house, whether family or guest, uses both these rooms every single day. As the grout that has been applied to all the tiles in the bathroom becomes dirty over time, getting on your hands and knees to scrub it away is not only exhausting, but bad for your health, too.

    This is because the positions you must get into in order to thoroughly clean all the grout in between the tiles, can give you body aches that take days to recover from. The same bodily punishment can come with doing the same cleaning job to the tiles in the kitchen, except the kitchen is worse because it covers a larger area than the bathroom. However, if you take the time and effort to apply Grout Shield to all the grout, the cleaning work is a breeze. You know very well that when people walk on any tiles, the dirt on their shoes comes off and stains the grout.

    Unless you take the time instantly when the dirt hits the grout to clean it, the grout is immediately stained. That is why Grout Shield is so important, because it takes the hard manual labor and eliminates it. It also makes the entire wall and floor look like the experts just laid it yesterday. If either the bathroom or kitchen look filthy from stained grout, people tend to lose their neighborliness quickly. And, if the stained grout is in the kitchen, people also tend to lose their appetite.

    The products from Grout Shield do three things, protect, color and seal the grout!

    Great Shield has colors to match whatever color scheme is in your home. There is something to be said for just white grout, which is treated with Grout Shield. It is bright, shiny, and beautiful when polished. However, if you choose to add color to the grout, the beauty is magnified exponentially. That is the great value of this company, they bring out the beauty of your home, when you didn’t know it was there.

    All you have to do is go to http://www.groutshields.com and order everything online. It will be sent to you in a few days, and you can enjoy all the greatness of the products. All you have to do is clean the tiles on the floor and walls, apply the products and the colors properly, and within a few hours, your days of having a dirty home are gone. After the application of the proper products, in the proper order, all the spills of liquid and drops of dirt can be so easily wiped off.

    Very few times does this kind of tile protection come along, and everything within the financial reach of the common person. But, with the dawning of the 21st century comes new technological cleaning products that enable you to be able to clean the home much easier and faster. Actually, if you are laying the tile yourself, and you have Grout Shield products with you from the start, you will never see a dirty bathroom or kitchen ever. This is the pure professional way of manufacturing that the company does.

    We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our products!
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  • Fixing Cracked and Missing Grout With Grout Shield

    Hi again!  So, we know that you when you use Grout Shield products you can change your grout to any color imaginable.  We also know that you can use our products on any type of grout.

    Now we can really get started!

    The preparation of existing grout is the key to a successful color sealing job. Take a look at the floors and walls for cracking or missing grout.  If you see any issues, you will need to repair those areas with sanded or unsanded grout.

    VIDEO - Cracked & Missing Grout Repair using Grout Shield


    Once the area has been repaired, make sure your grout joints are recessed. This means that the grout should be lying below the edge of your tiles or indented. If the grout joints are not recessed you can recess them using a flat head screw driver.  Just run the screw driver back and forth to scrape away some of the grout. You can also visit your local home improvement store and purchase a grout removal tool.

    Next week we’ll finish up the prep work and learn how to clean your grout.

    Go to our website www.Grout Shields.com to order or call us at 1-800-631-0716.

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