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  • Read this Great Review

    Love this!

    Very easy to use and looks great! I ordered another color for another room. Bought a home that had some really ugly/dirty grout on floor tile and now it looks brand new!
    terriwil, NM

  • GroutShields Products Superior By Design

    GroutShield Distributors LLC

    Fort Myers, Florida





    Why we passed on an opportunity to have our products

    sold in the "Big Box Stores"

    At GroutShields we take great pride in all we do. We want our name to stand for something positive, memorable, and of worth! Obviously, this applies to our products, which we consider to be the very best in the world, but it also applies to our customer service as well. We offer courteous service, knowledgeable technicians, and the best product money can buy ... period! That is our mission, and the money comes second to that.


    Several years ago we had an offer from one of the "big box stores" in the home improvement industry to manufacture, and provide them with enough GroutShields product to fill their shelves around the United States and several key locations worldwide! This was exciting news for us ... we had "been discovered" ... we had arrived. This was going to make our products a household name, we were going to make a lot of money!


    Groutshields ... the worlds best grout care products! Groutshield Products ... We WILL NOT compromise on quality!


    However, before we could get to carried away ... or even started on figuring out how we were going to manufacture that much product we were surprised by a request from the "big box store's" home office. They notified us that while they truly appreciated our company's products, packaging, and current branding efforts, they needed us to make a few changes.

    The "Big Box Store" wanted us to make our products less durable and long lasting so that customers would need to re-seal their floors regularly, thus increasing the need for the product, increasing the profitability!

    This was a request we could not honor. We take a great deal of personal pride in these products! Mike Stracuzza put a lot of time and effort into creating the best products in the industry, and that is what we want our company name to stand for ...


    ... not planned obsolescence for the sake of earning a little extra profit! We proudly stand behind our top quality products, and the top notch personnel we employ to manufacture and distribute them!

    We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our products!
    How can we be of help?



    TOLL FREE 1-800-631-0716

    Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM EST
    Florida: 1-239-768-6809

    FAX: 1-239-768-6812

    Email Sales and Support


    Quality grout products The Best Grout Products Money Can Buy!
  • A Grout Shield Restoration Kit Can Help You Make Your Bathroom Grout Look Like New With Little Work

    If the grout in your bathroom is becoming old and discolored, then you may think that your only option is to have the grout completely replaced. This would be very expensive to have professionally done, and re-grouting it yourself would take many hours and lots of careful practice. A grout shield restoration kit can allow you to leave your existing grout in place while making it look like new grout. You can restore your grout to bright white even when it has turned an unsightly grey color.

    A grout shield restoration kit is very affordable, and one kit can be used on all of the grout in your bathroom with some left to spare. You can use the kit to return once-white grout to its original bright white color, even if it has years of discoloration. You can also purchase a kit in a new color to turn your grout into a color that complements your bathroom tile even more than your existing grout. When you apply this product properly, it can be used to color and seal your grout to keep the color in place. You should always be sure to clean your grout and the areas surrounding it carefully first to get the best results from the grout shield restoration kit.



    The answer to this questions is yes;

    We often get the question whether Grout Shield color seal will work on all types of grout like sanded and un-sanded grout and epoxy grouts.

    Now the difference between these grout are easy to figure out sanded grout will have a grit to it and will always be used on floors or counter tops. Where un-sanded grout is normally used on or in shower and tub enclosures.

    The Grout Shield color seal will make all types of grout uniformed in color and will resist mold and mildew in high moisture areas. Now on epoxy grouts as long as there is a grit to the epoxy grout, Grout Shield products will adhere to the grout. If the epoxy is smooth like glass the color seal will have to bond for 48 hrs before water use but in 20 min can be walk on in any other application.

    Next week will talk about Grout repair using the Grout Shield Products

    Go to our website www.Grout Shields.com to order or call us at 1-800-631-0716.


    before Grout Shield Color Seal                           after the Grout Shield color seal

    Before Grout Shield Color Sealer                                                After Grout Shield Color Sealer

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