Grout Shield features.
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What exactly does Grout Shields Color Seal do? Everything you want, and more!


Groutshields Color Seal is a multi-purpose, easy to apply, premium quality grout sealer with a consistency of paint that can be made to match any grout or house paint color on the market!


Grout Shields Color Seal Features Include:


  • Colors and Seals grout with ease, offering incredible results in any kitchen or bath!
  • Works on walls, floors, or any other tiled surface, giving old tiling a clean new appearance, saving you money and increasing the value of your home. Restore dull and faded grout and tile and make it look like new!
  • If the color of your grout isn't exactly what you hoped for, Grout Shields can adjust it to ensure that you get that perfect look.
  • Looking to remodel or refurb a room? Grout shields is a perfect solution. Make a big change for a small price!
  • Grout Shields products are top quality product that produce professional results, without having to pay a professional to apply them.
  • Grout Shields is obtainable in most major manufacturers colors, just tell us your color shade and we’ll find you a match!
  • Grout Shields can be added to sanded or unsanded grout to fix cracks and missing grout
  • Grout Shields can change your grout color from light to dark or from dark to light.
  • Need a Custom color match? We can do that too! Just contact us.
  • Your Grout Shields grout seal is highly stain resistant, making future cleaning a snap.
  • Grout Shields protects against the development of mold and mildew.
  • Grout Shields can be applied both indoors and out.
  • Grout Shields is extremely easy to apply.
  • Grout Shields cleans up simply with the Grout Shield Maintenance Cleaner which is a neutral ph cleaner.