Our Grout Shield Products: Making the Most of the Grouting Process


Here at Grout Shield, we know that the quality of grout cleaning accessories can make or break a project—which is why we're proud to provide our clients with top-of-the-line materials! Whether you need a grout cleaning brush or knee-pad roller, our products will keep you happy and make your project a success. We offer the following:


  • Chamois Cloths. With our sets of chamois cloths, you'll be able to keep a clean and organized working space! Make your purchase today and find out for yourself how useful these liquid- absorbing rags can be.
  • Bucket Dollies. With our bucket dollies, you'll be able to keep your grouting products with you as you move about the room. Make your tiling project convenient by purchasing a bucke
  • Knee-pad Rollers. Save your knees by purchasing this comfortable and convenient product.
  • Grout Cleaning Brushes. Grout Shield offers a variety of brushes to ensure maximum convenience. Regardless the nature of your need, we're sure to have the perfect grout cleaning brush for the project.


When it comes to finding the perfect grout cleaning accessories, we have everything you could need and more! Simply browse our products and make a purchase today.



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    Inline Grout Brush by Grout Shield

    Inline Grout Brush


    Inline Grout Brush is used to help clean grout with grout cleaner. Learn More
    Triangular Grout Brush by Grout Shield

    Triangular Grout Brush


    Triangular Grout Brush is used to scrub the floors with grout cleaner by Grout Shield. Learn More
    Grout Sealer Brush Applicator

    Brush Applicators SET OF 2 (attach on to bottle)


    Brush Applicators SET OF 2 - Use these brushes to easily apply grout sealer. Learn More
    Grout Cleaning Kneepad Rollers

    Kneepad Rollers


    Kneepad Rollers - Use these to help you clean the grout easily on the floor. Learn More
    Grout Cleaning Bucket Dolly by Grout Shield

    Bucket Dolly


    Bucket Dolly - Holds water while you clean grout. Learn More
    Grout Cleaning Chamois by Grout Shield

    Set of 6 Chamois (27”x20”)


    Set of 6 Chamois (27”x20”) - Use to clean liquids off grout. Learn More


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