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  • Love Your Kitchen Floor Again After Using Grout Dye

    My kitchen floor looked dirty no matter how much I cleaned it. I scrubbed, I sprayed, I mopped, and I still felt embarrassed by the discoloration of the grout. No matter what I did, I could not change it. Then I found grout dye. From what I have learned since I began the search for something to help me clean my grout, grout has to be sealed. Yet, it is not sealed when it is put in. The grout needs time to cure, so it cannot be sealed during installation. Therefore, when you walk on the floor, and even when you wash it, dirt seeps into the grout.

    Grout dye, colors and seals your grout. Grout shield kits come in a vast variety of colors. I was amazed by all of the colors you could use on your grout. I will admit, I was tempted to go with something unique that would pop. I didn’t do it though, I stuck with a color that was similar to the color that my grout was supposed to be. Well, I guess the color that it was at one time. The best part is, I paid just a fraction of what I would have paid to have the entire floor grouted again.

    Learn more about Grout Shield at the link.

  • The Different Colors For Grout Stain

    When the grout in between your tiles is looking stained or discolored, you want to find an alternative option for repairing this area. You may think that replacing all of the grout is your only option. However, you can find other products that will allow you to change the grout without a lot of work. Grout Shield distributors make's a Grout stain that is one such product that will give you the opportunity to change the existing color for your grout without requiring an extensive amount of work.

    When you look for grout stain, you will find a few companies offer a limited color pallet. However, Grout Shield Has an extremely large selection of colors that may suit your needs. Even if you just want to color match your existing grout, you can locate several viable options. It is best to know what colors the companies can offer you, so you can find the right product for your home. Grout Shield is a large supplier of color pallets and will always have the basic colors that most grout will be. If these colors are not to your liking, you can find ones that offer more bold colors such as deep blues, shades of red and even a variety of green grout stains. Therefore, if you want to change the existing grout for your home, you should look into the different colors you can find for grout stain online.

    Contact a company like Grout Shield for more information.

  • Brightening Your Tile With New Grout Paint

    If your household tile grout is discolored, stained and unsightly, you may be wondering about how you can restore its beauty and make your tile look great again. Grout Shield color sealer is One of the best things that you can do if you want to save time and effort is to invest in grout paint that can transform your old grout to a new, fresh look.

    Although your first instinct may be to buy bright white grout paint to create a new grout gleam, you may actually be able to create a more decorative and natural look if you choose a grout paint that is a bit darker in shade. A grey or off-white grout color often adds a bit of an accent to the tile without the harsh contrast that can come from the harsh white paint. Grout Shield come with an easy application process but you can Decide which is most effective for your needs in terms of application and coverage so that you can get the best possible results out of the process.

    Contact Grout Shield to see their available product selection.

  • Grout Shield Kits Will Have Your Floor Looking Like New

    Ceramic tile has been all the rage for the last few years. It has been installed in millions of homes. Homeowners love it because it is so easy to care for. Unfortunately not too many of these homeowners were taught how to take care of it. They were not told that it would last longer and look better longer if they used one of the grout shield kits to seal it. They were not even taught that they needed to clean their floors with a PH neutral/soapless cleaner, and they needed to change their mop water anytime that it began to look dirty. Because of this lack of knowledge the grout lines of their floors have become dirty or discolored.
    When the homeowners look at their floors, they know that no matter how much cleaning and scrubbing they do, their floors will never look as new as they did when they first went in. This is not true. It is not too late to use grout shield kits to restore the grout lines in the floor. The kits can make the floors look new again. The kits can be matched to any standard color and can even be created in custom colors to meet the homeowners needs. Do not live with floors you no longer love, when it is easy to restore and protect them. For more information, call us today!

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