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  • Grout Shields is a Good Investment

    GroutShield Distributors LLC



    Grout Shield Color Sealer doesn't just beautify your floors... it protects them!

    Grout Shield color sealer is One of the best things that you can do if you want to save time and effort is to invest in grout paint that can transform your old grout to a new, fresh look. If your household tile grout is discolored, stained and unsightly, your first instinct may be to buy bright white grout paint to make your old grout pop! You may actually be able to create a more decorative and natural look if you choose a grout paint that is a bit darker in shade.

    Selection of a custom color can give your home a distinctive, unique look!

    A grey or off-white grout color often adds a bit of an accent to the tile without the harsh contrast that can come from the harsh white paint. Grout Shield come with an easy application process but you can decide which is most effective for your needs in terms of application and coverage so that you can get the best possible results out of the process.

    To a potential home buyer nothing can undermine the appearance of a kitchen or bath area like dirty grout!

    For those interested in selling their home the last thing you want is to give a buyer something to object to. While clean unstained grout isn't exactly a "selling point", it can certainly give the impression ...


    The house is dirty!

    The house wasn't cared for properly!

    It will cost money to fix this!

    It will be hard work to fix this!

    What else is FILTHY in this house that we can't see!?!?!

    While they may not say anything ... it.s a safe bet they will notice, and that could certainly be the difference in making an offer or not, and whether or not it will be a full price offer. Grout Shield color sealer is as wise an investment for those seeking to sell their home as it is for those who plan on staying for years!


    Contact Grout Shield to see their available product selection. Grout Shield Has an extremely large selection of colors that may suit your needs. Even if you just want to color match your existing grout, you can locate several viable options. It is best to know what colors the companies can offer you, so you can find the right product for your home. Grout Shield is a large supplier of color pallets and will always have the basic colors that most grout will be. If these colors are not to your liking, you can find ones that offer more bold colors such as deep blues, shades of red and even a variety of green grout stains. Therefore, if you want to change the existing grout for your home, you should look into the different colors you can find for grout stain online.

  • Grout Shields and Slate Tile

    Grout Shield products safe and effective for use on stone slate, and all types of tile

    Sure you can use Grout Shields on ceramic tile surfaces, but is it safe on stone or slate? The answer is a resounding Absolutely! Spruce up your expensive stone or slate tile with Grout Shields. Watch this video and we will show you how! It is a well known fact that Grout Shield natural stone sealer is an effective layer of protection for your natural stone, slate, terrazzo, terracotta, and tumbled marble surfaces. What often goes unrecognized is the way Grout Shields sealer enhances the overall appearance of these surfaces.


    Grout Shield sealers enhance the natural beauty

    of your stone and/or tile flooring

    Grout Shield color seal brings out the full depth and range of colors that already exist within your natural stone floor. The dark colors are darker, the lighter colors are lighter, and all shades have a greater diversity in tones that would otherwise not be brought to light in a dull unfinished, unsealed floor. In addition to immediately improving the outward appearance of your flooring, color seal (as it's name implys) will seal your natural stone floor, providing a layer of protection to keep dust, dirt, and germs out of the microscopic pores and valleys that diminish your floors range of tones and colors, and allowing light to reflect off of the hidden layers and striations, within the stone itself, that make for its most natural and most beautiful appearance.


    The video below illustrates the dramatic "before and after" appearance of a sealed and unsealed floor!

     Spruce up your expensive stone or slate tile with Grout Shields.

    Watch this video and we will show you how!


    Grout Shield color seal is as easy to use as it is effective. There are no "secret" techniques, and no special tools required. Simply apply a nice even coat of stone color seal to your floor, wipe off any excess or pooling, and allow to dry thoroughly. The end result will be a well protected floor that will look better, and have a greater range of color than you ever thought possible!

    Grout Shield products are easy to use and budget friendly!





  • Selling your home? How to spruce up your home without paying too much

    Dirty grout sends a bad message to the unconscious mind of a prospective home buyer!


    When selling your home you don’t necessarily want to spend too much on repairs and remodeling. Ideally, when selling your house you want to make it look as pristine as possible. Unfortunately, no matter how much you clean those busy areas in your home, constant traffic causes grout discoloration making tile floors and walls look dirty and stained. When your grout or tile reaches this dingy point revitalizing your tile area does not have to be an expensive fix.

    Dirty grout sends a bad message to the unconscious mind of a prospective home buyer!

     Remember this ...

    A good Realtor will do his best to get a buyer to visualize himself and his family actually living in the home!

    When selling your your home it is important to remember how a prospective buyer will view your home. More than likely if they see dirty grout and unsealed floors, laundry rooms, and bathroom floors and tub enclosures at some point the image of their children, and grandchildren walking on those floors barefoot, using the bathroom, and using other areas that make use of tile, stone and grout.


    It might not be the first thing they think of, but, if they think of it at all ...

    it could mean the difference between a sale or your house being on the market for months to come!



    The good news is ... cleaning, coloring and sealing your tile surfaces is relatively affordable, easy to do, and requires nothing in the way of specialized tools! Don't let dirty grout stand between you and the sale of your home!


    Grout Shield Color Seal products are designed to produce quick professional results with superior durability. With just one kit, you can restore any tile floor or wall back to a clean, uniform look with easier maintenance and greater stain resistance.
    Grout Shields is recognized internationally by DIY Network, Home Shopping Network and top rated international blogs. Their product is superior to any other and comes in array of colors. If you are selling your home and want a quick, affordable way to spruce up your tile surfaces look no further.








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