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  • Grout Shield Distributors Has Moved

    Grout Shield Distributors

    2508 Rockfill Rd. Fort Myers FL, 33916

    TOLL FREE 1-800-631-0716

    Grout Shield Distributors LLC has moved!

    Grout shield distributors, manufacturers of top off the line floor products, has relocated from New York to Fort Myers Florida. As a family run business all of the key personnel will remain in place and there will be no drop off in quality, delivery, and service regarding our products. We take great pride in providing the public, as well as the industry in general, with the very best grout colorants and sealers available on the market today.

    None of that has changed!

    Grout Shield will continue to provide the very best products, as well as, the very best in customer service!

    Grout Shield has moved to Fort Myers, Florida Mike Stracuzza, owner of Grout Shield Distributors LLC, mixes a custom order of grout sealer for a client in his new Fort Myers Florida warehouse.

    Make no mistake ... Grout Shield is going to miss New York! It has been our home and base of operations since the company was started. New York isn't just a city or a state ... It is a way of life. We will definitely miss ...

    The street vendors
    The deli's
    The bakeries
    The pizza, bagels, and breads

    And we will definitely miss the crack of the bat app Yankee Stadium watching our beloved New York Yankees play!!!

    I guess when it's the middle of winter, and the wind chill up north is somewhere around 30 degrees below zero, we will just have to tough it out in the subtropical paradise of Fort Myers!
    Shorts, sandals, and a t-shirt in January sounds pretty good to me!

    We WILL continue to provide the very best products and the very best in customer service to our valued customers as we always have. The only difference is we will now be distributing our most grout Products, and providing that great customer service from the relative comfort of Southwest Florida.

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