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Grout Shield products known around the world for quality, durability, and effectiveness!

Grout Shield Distributors LLC has been providing the very best in grout colorant and sealers since 1996. We started as a small business, working out of a garage in New York, but, quickly gained in popularity due to the quality of our products and service. It didn't take long at all before we were selling Grout Shield Color Seal all over the United States of America.


As time went by, through word of mouth and plentiful coverage and exposure through television and printed news media, our reputation began to spread to other countries and continents. According to Grout Shield's owner, Mike Stracuzza, "... it isn't enough to have the best product in the world ... if you don;t have the commitment to customer service to match it!" Grout Shield has a long standing policy of doing whatever it takes to be certain their customers, whether they residential home owners or commercial businessmen, get the support they need and reliability they can depend on. That more than anything else is what Grout Shield is all about.


The secret of Grout Shields success is our commitment to

making our clients look good.


Grout Shields is proud and excited to be recently featured on UK based blogger Decorator Dad.


Watch it here!: http://www.decoratordad.com/grout-shield/


Today Grout Shield is proud to have clients all over the globe! From Britain (the United Kingdom) and Europe to the Philippines, Asia, Malaysia, South America, Canada, and Australia we have a long standing reputation of customer satisfaction.

Don't settle for second best ... Grout Shield, known the world over for QUALITY!!!

For products and service known around the world ...



2508 Rockfill Rd. Fort Myers FL, 33916

Florida: 1-239-768-6809

FAX: 1-239-768-6812

TOLL FREE 1-800-631-0716

Monday - Friday 8AM - 4PM EST

Email Sales and Support sales@groutshield.com

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