Grout Shield Color Seal The Easy way to make your grout look new again.

before Grout Shield Color Seal before Grout Shield Color Seal
after the Grout Shield color seal after the Grout Shield color seal

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Grout Shield color seal is so easy to apply ... even a kid can do it!

No longer do you have to tolerate discoloration and staining of the grout of your stone and tile floors. Grout Shield products are both affordable and easy to use. Not only will our products clean your grout and provide it with a protective seal that will make future staining a whole lot less likely, you can also match or change the color of any concrete or grout whether it is sanded or un-sanded. This is perfect for Bathroom grout our sealer will resist mold and mildew. It will make your floor grout look new again, Give us a call at 1800-631-0716

The best tiled surfaces use Groutsheilds products GroutShield products make your tiled surfaces look their best!


Grout Shield ... The Best Grout Cleaners, Sealers, and Colorants Money Can Buy!

"...we put our customer's needs first ..."

At Grout Shield we are committed to manufacturing, and distributing the very finest grout care products money can buy. It is a source of pride for everyone involved in our company that we are putting out a top quality product, and offering service to match. While our Colorseal is, in fact, "so easy a kid could do it", we encourage our clients to feel free to give us a call at any time if they have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our products and proper application. We are happy to be of help!




We pride ourselves on our customer service as well as our products!
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