Color Seal – 16oz Bottle – Covers up to 500 sq. ft.

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Groutshields color sealer is a penetrating sealer designed to revitalize and restore the desired color to your grout. Groutshields color sealer is a colorant and sealer all in one designed to form a protective barrier over your existing sanded or unsanded grout. Once our color sealers have been applied it will provide superior durability to protect your grout joints from stains, grease, bacteria, mold and mildew. Product available separately as well as in our DIY kits. Questions? Call us anytime at 1-800-631-0716!



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500 sq ft of 12×12 tiles and 1/4in grout joints.This product can be made to match any color paint or grout! Choose from over 200 colors!¬†Click here for our color chart!

Input the code from our Grout Shield color chart OR the brand and color code of your paint shade of choice. You name it and we’ll match it. Available in a 2oz, 8oz, 16oz or 1 Gallon bottle.

Additional information

Weight 1.6 lbs
Dimensions 2.25 × 2.25 × 8.0 in

A Custom Color, Almond, Arrowwood, Birch, Black, C-Cure Adobe, C-Cure Agate, C-Cure Almond, C-Cure Amber, C-Cure Antique White, C-Cure Black, C-Cure Black Jade, C-Cure Bone, C-Cure Buckskin Beige, C-Cure Canvas, C-Cure Caramel, C-Cure Catalina Jade, C-Cure Citrine, C-Cure Cream, C-Cure Dusty Rose, C-Cure Executive Gray, C-Cure Fling Green, C-Cure Gray, C-Cure Hot Chocolate, C-Cure Kahlua Cream, C-Cure Macadamia, C-Cure Moonstone, C-Cure Natural Gray, C-Cure Ocean Blue, C-Cure Pearl Gray, C-Cure Pebble Beach, C-Cure Pueblo, C-Cure Rust, C-Cure Sahara Brown, C-Cure Saltillo, C-Cure Sand, C-Cure Sandstone, C-Cure Silver Gray, C-Cure Straw, C-Cure Sunrise Pink, C-Cure Topaz, C-Cure Tumbleweed, C-Cure Walnut, C-Cure White, C-Cure Winter Frost, Custom Polyblend Admiral Blue, Custom Polyblend Alabaster, Custom Polyblend Antique Linen, Custom Polyblend Antique White, Custom Polyblend Artic Ice, Custom Polyblend Bay Leaf, Custom Polyblend Black Cherry, Custom Polyblend Bleached Wood, Custom Polyblend Bone, Custom Polyblend Bonsai, Custom Polyblend Bright White, Custom Polyblend Burnt Clay, Custom Polyblend Butter Cream, Custom Polyblend Camel, Custom Polyblend Canvas, Custom Polyblend Cape Gray, Custom Polyblend Captains Blue, Custom Polyblend Chaparrai, Custom Polyblend Charcoal, Custom Polyblend Chateau, Custom Polyblend Concord Grape, Custom Polyblend Delorean Gray, Custom Polyblend Dove Gray, Custom Polyblend Driftwood, Custom Polyblend Earth, Custom Polyblend Fawn, Custom Polyblend Graystone, Custom Polyblend Haystack, Custom Polyblend Ice Blue, Custom Polyblend Khaki, Custom Polyblend Light Smoke, Custom Polyblend Linen, Custom Polyblend Lipstick, Custom Polyblend Mallard Green, Custom Polyblend Midnight Blue, Custom Polyblend Moss, Custom Polyblend Mushroom, Custom Polyblend Natural Gray, Custom Polyblend New Taupe, Custom Polyblend North Sea Green, Custom Polyblend Nutmeg, Custom Polyblend Ocean Blue, Custom Polyblend Onyx Green, Custom Polyblend Oyster Gray, Custom Polyblend Pale Mauve, Custom Polyblend Pewter, Custom Polyblend Platinum, Custom Polyblend Quarry Red Clay, Custom Polyblend Quartz, Custom Polyblend Rolling Fog, Custom Polyblend Rose Beige, Custom Polyblend Sable Brown, Custom Polyblend Saddle Brown, Custom Polyblend Sahara Tan, Custom Polyblend Sandstone, Custom Polyblend Slate Gray, Custom Polyblend Snow White, Custom Polyblend Summer Wheat, Custom Polyblend Surf Green, Custom Polyblend Tobacco Brown, Custom Polyblend Truffle, Custom Polyblend Urban Putty, Custom Polyblend Walnut, Custom Polyblend White Dove, Custom Polyblend Winter Gray, Dark Ash, Dove Gray, Hydroment Alabaster, Hydroment Almond, Hydroment Alpine White, Hydroment Anigue White, Hydroment Avacado, Hydroment Bamboo, Hydroment Brick, Hydroment Bright White, Hydroment Buff, Hydroment Cashmere, Hydroment Champagne, Hydroment Char Black, Hydroment Classic Bone, Hydroment Delorean Gray, Hydroment Essex Green, Hydroment Flash Walnut, Hydroment French Gray, Hydroment Heron Blue, Hydroment Ice Blue, Hydroment Ivory Palace, Hydroment Jamocha, Hydroment Kahlua Cream, Hydroment Khaki, Hydroment Latte, Hydroment Linen, Hydroment Midnight Blue, Hydroment Misty Gray, Hydroment Mobe Pearl, Hydroment Myst, Hydroment Natural, Hydroment Nordic Orchid, Hydroment Peaches and Cream, Hydroment Portabella, Hydroment Rousillion Red, Hydroment Sand Beige, Hydroment Sandstone, Hydroment Sedona, Hydroment Shadow, Hydroment Silver Bullet, Hydroment Summer Wheat, Hydroment Taupe, Hydroment Twilight, Hydroment White, Hydroment Windsor Blue, Hydroment Woodlands, Ivory, Laticrete Almond, Laticrete Antique White, Laticrete Autum Green, Laticrete Bright White, Laticrete Buff, Laticrete Butter Cream, Laticrete Chestnut Brown, Laticrete Chocolate Truffle, Laticrete Desert Khaki, Laticrete Dusty Rose, Laticrete Expresso, Laticrete Hemp, Laticrete Hot Cocoa, Laticrete Kashmir, Laticrete Latte, Laticrete Light Pewter, Laticrete Marbie Biege, Laticrete Midnight Black, Laticrete Mocha, Laticrete Mushroom, Laticrete Natural Grey, Laticrete Navajo Tan, Laticrete Parchment, Laticrete Platinum, Laticrete Quarry Red, Laticrete Raven, Laticrete River Rock, Laticrete Saltillo, Laticrete Sand Beige, Laticrete Sandstone, Laticrete Sauterne, Laticrete Sea Glass, Laticrete Silk, Laticrete Siltstone, Laticrete Silver Shadow, Laticrete Slate Grey, Laticrete Smoke Grey, Laticrete Sterling Silver, Laticrete Tawny, Laticrete Terra Cotta, Laticrete Toasted Almond, Laticrete Twilight Blue, Mapei Acorn, Mapei Alabaster, Mapei Avalanche, Mapei Bahama Beige, Mapei Bamboo, Mapei Biscuit, Mapei Black, Mapei Bone, Mapei Brick Red, Mapei Camel, Mapei Caramel, Mapei Chamois, Mapei Charcoal, Mapei Cobblestone, Mapei Cocoa, Mapei Driftwood, Mapei French Vanilla, Mapei Frost, Mapei Gray, Mapei Green Tea, Mapei Harvest, Mapei Hickory, Mapei Irish Cream, Mapei Iron, Mapei Ivory, Mapei Light Almond, Mapei Magnolia, Mapei Mahogany, Mapei Malt, Mapei Mint, Mapei Mocha, Mapei Navajo Brown, Mapei Pale Umber, Mapei Pearl Gray, Mapei Pecan, Mapei Pewter, Mapei Rain, Mapei Sahara Beige, Mapei Sand, Mapei Silver, Mapei Slate, Mapei Straw, Mapei Summer Tan, Mapei Terra Cotta, Mapei Timberwolf, Mapei Truffle, Mapei Walnut, Mapei Warm Gray, Mapei Waterfall, Mapei White, NAA Alaskan Ice, NAA American Steel, NAA Aspen Snow, NAA Black Diamond, NAA Cajun Coffee, NAA Canyon Clay, NAA Chestnut, NAA Classic Ivory, NAA Colonial Beige, NAA Dakota Dunes, NAA Dark Molasses, NAA Desert Dawn, NAA Georgia Pecan, NAA Harvest Moon, NAA Lakota Wheat, NAA Misty Gray, NAA Mojave Dunes, NAA Montana Gray, NAA Monterey Surf, NAA Newport Sand, NAA Oregon Taupe, NAA Prairie Fields, NAA Sanibel Shell, NAA Sierra Clay, NAA Smoky Coal, NAA Vermont Brie, Sandstone, Seaside Sand, SGM Almond, SGM Antique, SGM Ash, SGM Aztec Gold, SGM Beach, SGM Buff, SGM Burlap, SGM Canvas, SGM Champagne, SGM Charcoal Black, SGM Chocolate, SGM Creme, SGM Delorean Gray, SGM Dove Gray, SGM Emerald Ice, SGM Fern, SGM Glacier Blue, SGM Honey, SGM Khaki, SGM Koala, SGM Light Buckskin, SGM Light Sand, SGM Mocha, SGM Mushroom, SGM Natural Gray, SGM Oyster, SGM Quarry Red, SGM Saddle, SGM Sand Dune Beige, SGM Sea Foam, SGM Sea Shell, SGM Sedona, SGM Silver, SGM Smokey Blue, SGM Stone Gray, SGM Taupe, SGM Tawny, SGM White, Standard Gray, Suede, Taupe, Tec Almond, Tec Antique White, Tec Birch, Tec Bright White, Tec Charcoal Gray, Tec Clay, Tec Coffee, Tec Cornsilk, TEC Dark Walnut, Tec Dolorean Gray, Tec Dove Gray, TEC Espresso, Tec Fern, Tec Ivory, Tec Kahlua Creme, Tec Light Buff, Tec Light Chocolate, Tec Light Pewter, Tec Light Smoke, Tec Mist, Tec Mocha, Tec Parchment, Tec Pearl, TEC Praline, Tec Raven, Tec Sable, Tec Sage, Tec Sand, Tec Sandstone Beige, Tec Silhouette, Tec Silverado, Tec Standard Gray, Tec Standard White, Tec Starry Night, Tec Summer Wheat, Tec Vinca, Tec Warm Taupe, White


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